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Traffic Rules in Delhi

The Indian traffic news is nothing to ramble about now days considering the fact that harmonious disorder thrive on the roads of its metros.
In capital Delhi, for instance during rush hours at numerous crossings, driver screech for every inch of space, they do follow traffic rules but most of times it is not up to the mark and so minor bumps and dents are the part of package deal inviting nothing more than a few abuses.
It is very vital for an individual to follow traffic rules in order to save their future. It is important to think it, that safety is not automatic; one needs to put some efforts in order to reach home to their loved ones safely.

Some of the general rules and regulations related to traffic are:-
  1. There is a beautiful saying “Hugs your kids at home, but belt them in car”. It is very essential to put on seat belts while driving four wheeler.
  2. Make use of directions indicators instead of giving hand signals. You can make use of both in case of emergency.
  3. Normal speed meets every need. Slow down when you are entering a main road and give passage to the vehicles passing on to your right.
  4. Slow down at intersections, road corners and pedestrian crossings.
  5. Use HORN only when it is essential. Do not use horn in silent zones. Avoid using multi-toned, loud or alarms in your vehicles as it may result to noise pollution. Avoid using silencers as it is prohibited in some of the areas.
  6. It is necessary to wear a helmet for a two wheeler drivers. Helmet works as a shield for your head in case of mishap. Helmets are designed for an individual safety. Turbans wearing Sikhs are exempted from using a helmet.
  7. In case overtaking, always overtake from the right side. If the driver of the vehicle needs to turn right, you may pass from his left. When being overtaken, do not increase the speed of your vehicle, it might create confusion for the driver trying to overtake you.
  8. Do not drink and drive as it may lead to serious accidents.

So above given are some important traffic rules which are need to be followed by everyone. It is better to arrive late than never. Ending on a beautiful note “Disobedience of traffic rules exterminates the purpose of life.”

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